Angela McGill is a  Speaker, Philanthropist and the author of  several books. She believes she is  called to be a leader to leaders. Her goal is to help businesses, organizations, churches and individuals develop passionate, consistent, productive, resonant, motivational and powerful leadership presence.


Combining personal experience and practical approaches to leadership, Angela has been helping leaders transform their approach,  their environments and their cultures for the past 10 years.


Angela believes in relational leadership. You cannot lead by way of a title. You must build relationship in order to be effective. She doesn’t just talk the talk of leadership, she walks the walk. After years of being told leadership and management are one in the same and being told to lead by way of position, Angela founded Leveled Up Leadership Coaching & Consulting in 2017. Leveled Up allows Angela to teach what she believes and has seen work over and over again, which is Leaders LEADing and " Leading at their BEST".


Angela has a Masters in Christian Leadership and Bachelors of Business Management. When she is not travelling, teaching and building leaders, Angela enjoys spending time cooking up new recipes.

Angela McGill